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Long Island, New York – E x p e r i e n c e d . c o m, an Internet startup launched in 1997 during the Dot-Com boon, celebrates its 20th year providing state-of-the-art Internet business services:  Expert WordPress Development, Secure e-Commerce Stores, Responsive/Mobile-friendly Web Design, Web Application Development, Best Practice SEO, Reliable Hosting, Multi-Cloud Backup, Digital Marketing, Advanced Cyber Security, and Priority Tech Support.

Founder and Sr. Consulting/Analyst Daniel Monaghan, was a professional Programmer/Analyst, Software Developer, and Web Application Developer for nine years (1988-1997) prior to launching the Website Development start-up.  In July 1997, he released the first customized Content Management System (CMS) for dynamic websites on the market, “MyWebManager” and  for the next fifteen years integrated it with dynamic websites they built for clients.

“WordPress finally evolved into a viable CMS solution in 2014”, Daniel tells TheMoney$hot, “Since then, we’ve been immersed in WordPress and WooCommerce development and security”.

Launching over a hundred business sites and protecting more than 1,000 last year shows their experience with the WordPress platform and commitment to it.

For more information visit the website:  E x p e r i e n c e d . c o m


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