10 Most Valuable Trademarks

Forbes enlists Brand Finance to calculate brand worth

Today, Forbes blogger Sean Stonefield divulged the 10 most valuable trademarks, as calculated by Brand Finance, a brand-valuation consultancy.

Brand Finance Founder David Haigh calls trademarks “the single largest source of intangible value in a company,” according to Forbes. To gauge trademarks’ worth, Brand Finance determined the present value of the estimated future cash flows derived from the brand. The number is based on what a company without a trademark would have to pay to license the trademark through a third-party broker.

The most valuable trademark in the world is Google, which is worth an estimated $44.3 billion, or 27 percent of the company’s value, according to Brand Finance.

The other nine trademarks topping the list are: Microsoft, Wal-Mart, IBM, Vodafone, Bank of America, GE, Apple, Wells Fargo and AT&T.

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