‘Exploding Kittens’ most backed Kickstarter ever

Curious kittens exploding are the Internet’s new potato salad meets “Reading Rainbow” with a guest appearance by Veronica Mars, meaning this card game is seriously winning the hearts of Internet users and party game lovers alike. “Exploding Kittens,” the card game dreamed up by video game designers Elan Lee and[…]

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Bitcoin: Man Buys Flat With Forgotten Fortune

A Norwegian man who bought £15 worth of bitcoins and then forgot about them for four years has been able to buy a flat in Oslo thanks to the huge appreciation of the virtual currency. Kristoffer Koch was doing research on encryption in 2009 when on a whim he decided[…]

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Drone start-ups ready to pounce

As the FAA prepares to introduce drones into the national aviation system, start-up companies are getting ready to pounce. Since artificial satellites were first launched back in the 1950s, everyone almost anywhere in the world has been exposed to prying eyes in the skies. Drone surveillance, then, is really nothing[…]

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