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May 18, 2017

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DISCLAIMER/LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO:  THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS. All content is 100% TRUE, ACCURATE, and a FACTUAL account of the events and correspondence that transpired between myself, owner of (a decade+ Internet Consulting Firm at the time, two decades+ now), Ms. Bethenny Frankel – a popular TV celebrity bringing a new product to market, and her aggressive {il}legal Attorney Sarah M. Robertson of DORSEY & WHITNEY LLP, 250 Park Ave., New York, NY.  My satire is {contained in curly brackets} and clearly distinguishable from factual content.  In no way, shape, or form am I intending slander or defamation of character, to anyone mentioned herein with false or deceptive depictions that appear to be true, hence the {satirical inserts} for my own comic and PTSD relief.  Anybody that has ever been intimidated and/or threatened with unwarranted, unfounded, unethical, baseless, false, frivolous, fabricated legal action and is subject to reliving it by frequent triggers in the environment will understand the recurring flashbacks I suffer every time I see or hear the name, “Bethenny Frankel” – as she lives in NYC and that’s the news I watch daily so she appears a lot, actually too much, especially when her ‘Housewives of NYC’ show is in season running commercials {and she’s not even a wife anymore because she skewered her then Husband on the show, instead of privately, for not having enough sex with her – just to boost ratings that were in a nose-dive.  That should have been grounds for an auto-annulment and, not enough sex, I’m surprised he had any with her – imagine the PTSD he suffers from now}.

New York, NY – After eight long years of silence, I’ve finally decided to out this ghastly skeleton in Bethenny Frankel’s closet, and throw her former Attorney Sarah M. Robertson under the proverbial bus with her.  “Why so long, why now?” are obvious questions and the answer is simple:  she’s back in the news after signing on for a new season of one of my favorite Network TV shows, “Shark Tank” – I presume to jump-start ratings.  For anyone unfamiliar, Bethenny is an on-again off-again NYC Housewife who’s notorious claims to fame are (1) selling a falsely advertised Margarita mix [read Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Margarita Maker Sued for False Advertising], (2) for a falsely reported fortune [read Bethenny Frankel & Forbes Fire Back At Reports That She Only Earned $8.1 Million For Skinnygirl Sale!], and (3) throwing her husband under the bus on ‘Reality TV’ for ratings [read Did Bethenny Frankel Dump Jason Hoppy to Hype New Show?].  As absurd as Fonzi ‘jumping the shark’ to boost Happy Days ratings when they went on the dip, Henry Winkler at least knew how to water-ski in real-life and didn’t use a stunt double.  Bethenny Frankel is not going to “jump-start Shark Tank”, she can’t add any value whatsoever to the show’s premise and goal:  partnering with entrepreneur’s to bring their exciting new products, inventions, and services to a lucrative profit-sharing market.  My reason for concluding this is simple:  if Bethanny Frankel knew what one of the most valuable assets a company can own is, she would have purchased it legally from me by now – instead of incompetently trying to extort it through her attorney.

Back in April 2009, after seeing a local news segment with Bethenny Frankel promoting her new Skinnygirl Margarita mix, I found her website and contacted her via email to ask if she was interested in the “” domain name that my long-time friend and business partner John Kohler registered in 1999 – ten years prior.  John is a Nutritional Guru and owner of – the most popular Raw Food dieting resource on the Internet since 1998.  He also runs YouTube – their most-popular Raw Food dieting channel.  At that time we were kicking around the idea of launching a Healthy Dieting Blog on with links to all his sites and YouTube Channel like we’ve got now.  Then I saw Bethenny had the words “Skinny girl” in her product name so John and I discussed if we should touch base with her, see if she’s interested in the domain, and if she agrees to the ‘right price’ sell it to her.  This is called a “good will offer” – a legal term and proposition I know well, since I’ve been buying & selling Internet domain names since 1995.  But Bethenny’s reply was curt, “My lawyer will contact you.”  Ninety-nine percent of the time a business person will ask, “how much?” but she didn’t care to ask, and that concerned me, as lawyers have a different agenda than the business owner – the first person they care about is themselves, followed by client, and then nobody.

However, this was an extremely lucrative ‘Reality TV’ star using her own funds and/or Venture Capital to get her new business rolling fast and promoting it live on the morning news already.  So, these were good signs I thought, her Attorney should be ready, willing, and able to enter into negotiations with me for one of our oldest and most valuable Internet domain name assets.  But they didn’t have the dignity, decency, or smarts to call me and discuss {as they were just swimming around the reptile pool and working on their extortion plot}.  And twenty days later the email came in from Attorney Sarah M. Robertson and right thru my screen I was sucker kicked square in the cajones and seeing stars.  Every domain I’ve ever brokered in my life, over twenty years, was fair and square before this nightmare.  But her {sleazy} Park Ave Attorney Sarah M. Robertson spent twenty days crafting an intimidating and threatening demand letter designed to scare me into giving-up our “” domain name for a measly $1,000 based on every coercive trick in the book:  groundless, merit-less, inapplicable, baseless, false, and deliberate misinterpretations of ICANN’S Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.  I saw immediately what they were trying to do because I know the policy from top-to-bottom – they were swinging for the fences like bush-leaguers at the plate.  So I replied with a professional retort to her B.S. demands and ended it with, “If Ms. Frankel is interested in purchasing our domain I strongly recommend you start over with a respectful letter and offer.”  And I haven’t heard a peep from either since, even after the $100 MILLION Bethenny reportedly made within two years – I’ll get to that shortly.

Business professionals and civil human beings negotiate in good will and fair trade for things we desire.  And here was Bethenny’s high-priced Park Ave Manhattan Attorney Sarah M. Robertson completely misguiding her client to take the lowest-road imaginable, believing she could intimidate and coerce me to fall for a deceptive, ill-willed, hair-brained, extortion-esque plot to swindle our ten year-old business asset, worth at least $100,000 at the time, for $1,000 – about the same amount she bills for two {il}legal hours of her time.  I can’t help but wonder how many victims fell for her deceptive and unethical practices and gave up their valuable intellectual property assets for pennies.  {Sleazy} Attorney Sarah M. Robertson is the categorical cliché of a blood sucking, conniving, déclassé, parasitic waste of Law School who should be disbarred.

Here’s Sarah M. Robertson’s profile that I found in Google:

She’s not even shown with the rest of the firm’s partners:

New York, NY – Beam Global Spirits & Wine, the premium spirits business of Fortune Brands (NYSE:FO), purchased Bethenny Frankel’s SkinnyGirl Spirits Brand in March 2011 for a reported $100 MILLION.  The brand’s flagship product, Skinnygirl Margarita™, was the spirits industry’s fastest growing ready-to-drink (RTD) product in the U.S., and claimed to be the all-natural, low-calorie “margarita you can trust.”  By May 2011, Forbes Magazine published the article, “Can Bethenny Crack a Billion?” and a few weeks later in June she appeared on the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ boasting about her latest investment strategy, “I wipe my ass with dollar bills now.” [read Bethenny Frankel Wipes Her Ass With $1 Bills and YouTube]

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that even after Bethenny’s reported $100 MILLION sale (although I subsequently heard  it was ‘only’ $8 MILLION) she still hasn’t made me an offer for our ‘’ domain name.  Instead, she began branding more of her products with the words “Skinny girl”.  Here’s the math on that:  $100K domain name in ratio to $100 MILLION brand sale = .00001% (1/10,000th) cost for the domain name.  But instead of making this common sense business decision to buy our domain name fairly, her high-priced ($350-$450/hr) Park Ave Law Firm’s Attorney demanded we turn it over for $1K, 1/1,000,000th the alleged sale of the “Skinngirl Margarita” mix to Fortune Brands (NYSE:FO).  Mind-boggling.

Meanwhile, we continue to own and operate for zero-profit,, YouTube – the most-popular Raw Food diet channel, and every site is free to share knowledge and wisdom – teaching people how to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables, make their own juices, and become skinnier by Healthy Dieting.

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